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  • Default Rates

    Cohort default rates for the federal student loan programs and quarterly new defaults.
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  • FAFSA® Data by Postsecondary School and State of Legal Residence

    Provide summary statistics about applicants who completed the FAFSA by application cycle as well as application volume by institution of higher education and the applicant’s...
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  • Guaranty Agency Recovery Rates

    Collection activities by guaranty agency on defaulted Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) Program loans.
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  • Servicer Performance Metrics and Allocations

    Provides performance metrics for each of the Department of Education's federal loan servicers and allocation percentages for new loan volume.
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  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness Data

    Provides the status of applications submitted for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program, Temporary Expanded PSLF Program, and employment certification.
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  • Borrower Defense to Repayment Data

    Provides a state-level breakdown of applications submitted for borrower defense to repayment by application status.
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  • Institutions on Heightened Cash Monitoring

    A list of institutions of higher education that have been placed on heightened cash monitoring as a result of compliance issues including but not limited to accreditation...
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  • Foreign Gift and Contract Report

    Disclosure reports containing information about gifts or contracts with institutions of higher education from any foreign source.
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  • Business Information Resources

    Contract documents, information about Federal Student Aid's strategic goals, performance results, and key initiatives, and reports on servicer compliance with the Servicemembers...
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  • Letters of Credit Requested From Institutions

    A list of institutions that are required to remit a letter of credit (LOC) to continue participation in the Title IV programs.
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  • Gainful Employment

    2015 Debt to Earnings rates, the Annual Earnings Rate and the Discretionary Income Rate, calculated for each program as a measure of the ability of program completers to...
  • Proprietary School 90/10 Revenue Percentages

    A report to Congress containing information regarding the amount and percentage of each proprietary institution's revenues from Title IV sources and non-Title IV sources as...
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  • Composite Scores For Private, Non-Profit and Proprietary Institutions

    Provides a list of composite scores for private, non-profit and proprietary institutions participating in the Title IV programs.
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  • FAFSA® Completion by High School and Public School District

    The number of submitted and completed FAFSAs among first-time filing applicants no older than 19 at the cutoff date who will have received their high school diploma by the start...
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  • Final Program Review Determination (FPRD)

    Provides copies of compliance and oversight reports conducted by the Department of Education about institutions of higher education participating in the Title IV programs. 
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  • Title IV Program Volume Reports

    These reports provide recipient and aid volume data by  program for each school participating in the Title IV programs.
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  • Title IV Institutions Reporting Cash Management Contracts

    Provides a list of school-reported contracts with a financial account provider that provides Title IV credit balances to students.
  • School Data

    Provides eligibility and compliance reports about the approximately 6,000 postsecondary institutions that participate in the Title IV programs.
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  • Loan Forgiveness Reports

    Information about federal student loans that have been discharged or forgiven under certain programs.
  • Federal Student Loan Portfolio

    Provides snapshots of the outstanding federal student loan portfolio by loan program, loan type, loan status, repayment plan, delinquency, servicer, and various borrower...
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